Uncle Major A. Allen.

I have not had great luck finding descendants of my great-grandfather John C. Allen‘s half-siblings, but today I found a promising clue for further searches for Major Alexander Allen, who was about ten years John’s junior. Major A. Allen registered for the World War I draft in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, having joined the Great Migration north — and his registration card indicates that he had a child!


1 January 2018.


Some genealogical resolutions — or, at least, aspirations — for the coming year:

  • Back up all files regularly.
  • Organize and rename, if helpful, all files.
  • Focus on making sense of my cluster of West Virginia Boone matches.
  • Revisit each of my DNAnigmas to resolve and/or update.
  • Create spreadsheets to compare and track my Henderson, Aldridge, Artis, Harrison and Colvert matches.
  • Visit Westover and Charles City County.
  • Visit the Virginia State Library.