North Carolina, Oral History, Paternal Kin

Scuffalongs and muscadines.

Great big old black ones.  Lord, he might as well have told me to go out there and eat all I wanted.  I eat all the way down the corn row down to that lady’s house, Mary Budd, and come up through the corn field and come back to the road and went over there stood up there and eat all I want and throwed the hulls over in the pasture.  The hog pasture, or whatever that thing was out there where pigs was.  They thought I was gon give ‘em something to eat, I reckon.  And I throwed the things over there, and I reckon that’s where Uncle Lucian discovered that we was eating ‘em.  And he said, “Y’all stay away from out there!  Somebody’s been out there —!”  “Wont me!”  [She laughs.]  Them things seem like was the best things I ever had.  And the arbor there on the yard where was all up in the trees, it’d be grapes.  And I’d go there and eat them, but they was little.  It was what they call scuffalongs.  White grapes.  And I’d eat them, too, but I wanted some of them old big ones.  Them old big black ones.


I recorded interviews with my father’s mother in 1994, 1996 and 1998. Her scuppernong story was one of my favorites.

Interview of Hattie H. Ricks by Lisa Y. Henderson; all rights reserved.


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