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When Grandma Mag died.

My grandmother was 5 years old when her great-grandmother Margaret B. Henderson died in 1915. This is what she recalled:

I remember when Grandma Mag died.  I don’t remember ‘em burying her.  But I was up to Nora’s house.  That’s how come I remember it.  Grandma Mag was living, well, she was in bed, she was sick.  I don’t remember her being up. Grandma Mag stayed down in Dudley. When she died, I was down there, and we went to Nora’s house.  And I used to ask myself, ‘Why is she in the bed all the time?’  

During Grandma Mag’s funeral, I stayed with Aunt Vicey and Nora and Beulah, the one that had the wen under her neck.  We called her A’nt Vicey, but she was my grandmama. I stayed up there with them, and I was scared to sleep in the bed by myself. So Nora told me, “Well, if you get in the back and I’ll get in the front.”  So she said, “Well, I’ll be in here right with you,” so I went on to sleep.  That’s who I slept with. 

So, I stayed up there in that house when Grandma Mag died.  I stayed up there.  And I slept in her room.  I remember that.  But I don’t remember … they didn’t let me go to the funeral, I don’t think. 

“Aunt Vicey” was Louvicey Artis Aldridge (1865-1927), her father’s mother. “Nora” and “Beulah” were Vicey’s daughters Lenora Aldridge Henderson (1902-1961) and Beulah Aldridge Carter (1893-1986).


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