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Grandfathered in.

Public Laws of North Carolina, 1899, chapter 218.

(Sec. 4.) Every person presenting himself for registration shall be able to read and write any section of the constitution in the English language and before he shall be entitled to vote he shall have paid on or before the first day of March of the year in which he proposes to vote his poll tax as prescribed by law for the previous year. Poll taxes shall be a lien only on assessed property and no process shall issue to enforce the collection of the same except against assessed property.

(Sec. 5.) No male person who was on January one, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, or at any time prior thereto entitled to vote under the laws of any states in the United States wherein he then resided, and no lineal descendant of any such person, shall be denied the right to register and vote at any election in this state by reason of his failure to possess the educational qualification prescribed in section four of this article….

The following colored men registered to vote in Wayne County in 1902.  In accordance with Section 5, each was required to name the ancestor who “grandfathered” him in.

Joseph Aldridge, 36, Brogden, Robert Aldridge.

M.W. Aldridge, 45, Goldsboro, Robert Aldridge.

Robert Aldridge, 33, Brogden, Robert Aldridge.

Marshall Carter, 42, Brogden, Mike Carter.

Williby Carter, 22, Brogden, Mike Carter.

H.E. Hagans, 34, Goldsboro, Napoleon Hagans.

W.S. Hagans, 31, Nahunta, Dr. Ward.

John H. Jacob, 52, Brogden, Jesse Jacob.


The Aldridges you have met. The Carters have tangential connections. Marshall Carter’s son (and Williby’s brother) Milford Carter married Robert Aldridge’s granddaughter Beulah Aldridge, daughter of John W. Aldridge. Henry “H.E.” and William “W.S.” Hagans, sons of Napoleon Hagans, were the first cousins of Louvicey Artis Aldridge. (“Dr. Ward” was David G.W. Ward, former owner of their mother Apsilla Ward Hagans.) John Hacobs was a nephew of Jesse A. Jacobs Jr.


2 thoughts on “Grandfathered in.

  1. T says:

    Any relation to Isaiah F.W. Aldridge who was at the Mount Olive AME church( New Hanover County) where he served as Pastor in 1886?

    • None known. Robert Aldridge was born about 1819, probably in Duplin County. I am relatively certain that he had at least one brother, John Matthew Aldridge, but that’s about all I know about his early family.

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