DNA Definites, nos. 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

  • H.A. is descended from Mary Jane Artis Artis, daughter of Adam and Lucinda Jones Artis.
  • H.B. is descended from Henry J.B. Artis, son of Adam and Amanda Aldridge Artis. (We have two lines of connection — Artis and Aldridge.)
  • M.S. is descended from Theophilus Simonton, my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather. She is, by far, the most remote match I have, and I’m astounded that that little stretch of DNA has persisted across 300+ years.
  • E.H. and I share two lines of descent, from James Henderson and from John and Louvicey Artis Aldridge. On the Henderson side, we are 3rd cousins, twice removed (or a little less, as we descend from different wives of James Henderson.)  On the Aldridge side, 2nd cousins, once removed.  23andme estimated our relationship as 2nd to 3rd cousins.
  • G.P. and I are descended from two daughters of Urban Lewis and his wife Susan Casey Lewis — Susan Marinda Lewis Potts and Eliza Lewis Martin.  Ancestry DNA estimates us as 4th cousins; we are actually 3rd, thrice removed. I also have an Ancestry match with “ead43,” who is descended from Susan Casey Lewis’ brother, William Casey. Estimated at 5th-8th cousins, we are 5th, twice removed. I also match D.P., a close cousin of G.P., but on a different chromosome. FTDNA identifies yet another cousin, K.S., who matches G.P. and I on the same stretch of DNA on chromosome 9. She is a descendant of a Lewis from Wake County NC, but does not know how he links to Urban Lewis, who was the son of William T. Lewis and Sarah Utley Lewis of Dobbs (later Wayne) County.

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