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Early going.


My best guess is that I drafted this little chart in the late 1980s, the era in which I was seeking refuge from law school studies in dim microfilm reader rooms.  I am struck by several things. Most depressingly: I have identified exactly THREE additional ancestors since I laid this chart aside in favor of genealogy software sometime in the early ‘90s. (And have lost two — both of my grandmothers – which is the most genuinely distressing observation.) The other: the mistakes and missing info.

On the green side:

(1) Lewis Henderson’s mother was Patsey Henderson;

(2) Lewis’ wife was Margaret Balkcum and my current thinking on her mother’s name is Nancy Balkcum;

(3) Frances Seaberry was indeed a Seaberry, and her mother was Levisa Hagans;

(4) Mary Eliza Balkcum’s mother’s name was Nancy Balkcum;

(5) Bessie Henderson’s father was not William D. Martin, but his brother Joseph Buckner “Buck” Martin; and

(6) Robert Aldridge died circa 1899;

(7) Mike Taylor’s name was Henry Michael (or Michael Henry) Taylor;

(8) Mike Taylor’s mother was named Fereby Taylor.

On the red:

(1) Mary Brown’s parents were James Brown and Catherine Booker;

(2) Jasper Holmes died around 1898;

(3) Walker Colvert died in 1905;

(4) James Lee Nicholson’s mother was Rebecca Clampett Nicholson Nicholson – she married her first cousin;

(5) Harriet Nicholson’s mother was Lucinda Cowles; and

(6) Henry McNeely died in 1906 and his wife Martha Miller McNeely in 1934.


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