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North Carolina death certificates: HENDERSON.

North Carolina did not require death certificates until 1914. The following abstracts relate to the first two generations of Hendersons whose deaths were recorded by law.

Spouse and children of Lewis Henderson (1836-1912), son of James Henderson and (Sallie?) Skipp:

Marguriet Henderson.  Died 17 July 1915, Brogden, Wayne County of unknown causes. Black. Age 82. Born Sampson County to an unknown father and Margaret Bowkin.  Informant, Lucian Henderson.

Lution Hinderson.  Died 22 June 1934, Brogden, Wayne County, of cerebral hemorrhage. Colored. Married to Susan Hinderson. Age 75 years, 3 months. Farmer. Born Wayne County to Louis Hinderson of Wayne County and Maggie Hill of Sampson County.  Informant, Jonnie Carter, Dudley. Buried in Dudley.

Sarah Jacobs Silver.  Died 8 Jan 1938, Selma, Johnston County NC, of probable heart disease (“dead when seen.”)  Age about 55 years old [actually, 62.]  Born Wayne County NC to Lewis Henderson and Margaret Carter, both of Wayne County.  Informant, Hattie Jacobs, 303 Elba Street, Wilson NC.   C.E. Artis, undertaker.  Buried in Wayne County NC on 12 Jan 1938.

Spouse and children of James Henry Henderson (1838-1920), son of James Henderson and (Sallie?) Skipp:

Amelia Brazzell.  Died 26 Mar 1914, Goldsboro NC, uremic convulsions (contributing: operation for ryosalprism[?]).  Age 37.  Married.  Born Wayne County NC to Jim Henderson (born Greene County) and Francis Henderson (born Greene County).  Informant, E.L. Henderson, Goldsboro NC.  Buried 27 Mar 1914, Jason NC.

James Henderson.  Died 21 Jun 1920, Faison, Duplin County NC, 12:15 a.m., acute gastro-enteric colitis.  Wife, Laura Henderson.  Carpenter.  Age 80.  Born Onslow County NC to James Henderson and Sallie Henderson, both of NC.  Buried 22 Jun 1920.

Lewis Henderson.  Died 20 June 1932, cerebral tumor (non-malignant), Mount Olive, Wayne County NC.  Colored.  Married to Hattie Henderson.  Age 46 “as near as known.”  Born in NC to Jim Henderson and Francis Henderson, both of Wayne County.  Buried 20 Jun 1932, Saint Luke.  Informant, Hattie Henderson.

Ira Henderson.  Died 22 Oct 1946, E. Hillsboro, Mount Olive NC, of bronchopneumonia (due to broncho asthma.)  Colored.  Married to Johnie Henderson.  Carpenter.  Born 3 Aug 1881, Wayne County NC to Jim Henderson and Francis Henderson, both of Wayne County NC.  Informant, Mrs. Johnnie Henderson, Box 243, E. Hillsboro St., Mount Olive.  Buried 25 Oct 1946, Mount Olive NC.

Elias Henderson.  Died 14 Nov 1953, Wayne Memorial Hospital, Goldsboro NC, of uremia.  Resided Miller’s Chapel section, Goldsboro NC.  Negro.  Married.  Born 24 May 1888, Wayne County NC to Jim Henderson and Laura (last name unknown).  Farmer.  Informant, Jazelle Henderson, Goldsboro NC.  Buried 17 Nov 1953, Lane’s, Wayne County NC.

Georgetta Elliott.  Died 8 Sep 1972, LaGrange, Lenoir County NC, coronary occlusion.  Negro.  Widowed.  Born 12 Aug 1894 to Jim Henry Henderson and Frances Sauls.  Informant, Mackie B. Williams, 406 Forbes Street, LaGrange NC.  Buried 10 Sep 1972, LaGrange cemetery, LaGrange NC.

Spouse and children of Alexander Henderson (1860-1916), son of James Henderson and Louisa Armwood Henderson:

Alexr Henderson.  Died 13 June 1916, Goldsboro, Wayne County, of phthis pulmonalis. Colored. Married. Age 56. Born Wayne County to Stephen Henderson and unknown mother. Buried Elmwood cemetery.  Informant, Mary Henderson.

Mary J. Henderson. Died 7 September 1926, Goldsboro, Wayne County, of strangulated umbilical hernia. Widow. Age 60. Born Simpson [sic] County to unknown parents. Buried Elmwood cemetery by James Guess. Informant, Will Henderson.

Theodore Henderson.  Died 15 November 1936, Goldsboro, Wayne County, “from knife wounds.” Married to Bettie Henderson. Age 45. Common laborer. Born Duplin County to Elix Henderson and Mary Odom, both of Wayne County. Buried Elmwood cemetery by James Guess. Informant, Willie Henderson.

Will Henderson.  Died 6 Dec 1959, 712 N. John Street, Goldsboro NC, of cerebral apoplexy.  Negro.  Married.  Minister.  Born 1 Dec 1878, to Alaxander Henderson and Mary Odom.  Married to Susie B. Henderson.  Informant, Margaret Brown, 826 N. Center, Goldsboro NC.  Buried 9 Dec 1959, Lightner cemetery, Wayne County NC.

Spouse and children of John Henry Henderson (1861-1924), son of James Henderson and Louisa Armwood Henderson:

John Henderson.  Died 8 August 1924, Goldsboro, Wayne County, of pulmonary tuberculosis.  Colored.  Married.  Age 63. Farmer. Born Sampson County to James Henderson of Onslow County and [blank] Armwood of Sampson County.  Buried Dudley NC. Informant, Sarrah Henderson.

Sarah Henderson.  Died 12 June 1930, Dudley, Wayne County, “cause not known — sudden supposed to be acute indigestion.” Widowed. Colored. Age 62. Daughter of Bryant and Bettie Simmons. Buried in Dudley by James Guess. Informant, Henry Henderson.

Henry Henderson.  Died 19 Oct 1942, en route to hospital in Goldsboro NC, “found dead in car, supposed heart attack.”  Born 23 May 1901, Dudley NC, to John Henderson and Sarah Simmons.  Laborer.  Informant, Lenora Henderson.  Buried Congregational Church cemetery, Wayne County NC.

Spouse and children of Nancy Henderson Smith Diggs (1865-1944), daughter of James Henderson and Louisa Armwood Henderson:

Willie Smith.  Died 29 Jul 1912, nephritis, Goldsboro NC.  Born 9 Aug 1900, Goldsboro NC, to I.R. Smith and Nancy Henderson, both born in Mount Olive NC.  Informant, C[?].M. Smith, 100 Smith Street, Goldsboro NC.  Buried 3 Jul 1912, Elmwood cemetery, Goldsboro NC.

Isham Smith.  Died 12 May 1914, 10:20 p.m., State Hospital, Fork township, Wayne County NC, of cerebral hemorrhage.  Age 56.  Undertaker.  Educational attainments: “Read & write.”  Parents unknown.  Married.  Buried in Goldsboro, NC. Informant, W.W. Faison, M.D., Goldsboro NC.

Ernest Smith.  Died 5 Oct 1918, 7:00 p.m., Goldsboro NC, of lobar pneumonia (influenza).  Colored.  Married.  Barber.  Born 11 July 1888 to Isham Smith and Nancy Henerson [sic].  Informant, Nancy Smith, 100 Smith Street.  Buried 8 Oct 1918, Elwood cemetery, Goldsboro NC, by James Guess, undertaker.

Nancy Smith.  Died 11 Dec 1944, 4:30 a.m., fracture of pelvis (“fell off bed”), 309 Smith Street, Goldsboro NC.  Born 7 Feb 1890, Mount Olive NC to Jim and Eliza Henderson. Widowed. Informant, Mrs. E. Hall, 309 Smith Street, Goldsboro NC.  Buried 17 Dec 1944, Elmwood cemetery, Goldsboro NC, by James Guess [her son-in-law.]

Annie Guess.  Died 8 Aug 1953, Goldsboro NC, of coronary insufficiency and aortic insufficiency.  Colored.  Married.  Born 11 Sep 1890, Goldsboro NC, to Issam Smith and Nancy Henderson.  Informant, James Guess Sr., Goldsboro NC.  Buried 11 Aug 1953, Elmwood cemetery, Goldsboro NC, by James Guess, undertaker.



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