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Nicholson reunion.

These were Harriet Nicholson Hart‘s people, though I can guarantee you she was not there:

Nich Reunion 1 8 17 22

nich reunion 2 8 17 22

Statesville Landmark, 17 August 1922.

Nich Reunion 8 9 1923

Statesville Landmark, 9 August 1923.

Nich Reunion 8 12 1926

Statesville Landmark, 12 August 1926.

The North Carolina branch of the Nicholson Family descended from Revolutionary War veteran John Stockton Nicholson, born 1757 in Princeton, New Jersey, and his wives, Mary McComb Nicholson (1760- 1783) and Catherine Anne “Caty” Stevenson Nicholson (1766-1843).  The Nicholsons and Stevensons arrived in America from England in the mid-17th century.  The McCombs were perhaps Irish.  John and Mary had one child, James Nicholson (1783-1850). John and Caty had a passel: John Stockton Nicholson Jr. (1787-1868), Mary Nicholson Walker (1788-??), Elizabeth Nicholson Beeson (1790-??), Rebecca Nicholson Clampett (1793-1880), George Nicholson (1796-1802), Moses Pinckney Nicholson (1799-1844), Anderson Nicholson (1801-1879), Catherine Nicholson Clampitt (1804-1841), Phoebe Nicholson Barron (1806-1882), and Hannah Nicholson Idol (1811-1877).

Harriet was descended from both of John S. Nicholson’s wives. Mary’s son James married Mary Allison (1792-1857), daughter of Theophilus and Elizabeth Knox Allison, in 1815. They had two children, Thomas Allison Nicholson (1816-1886) and John McComb Nicholson (1820-??). Thomas married his first cousin, Rebecca Clampett Nicholson (1817-1903), daughter of Caty’s son John S. Nicholson Jr. and Mary Fultz.  Thomas and Rebecca’s children were: James Lee Nicholson (1841-1871), John Wesley Nicholson (1843-1913), Mary Jane Nicholson Smith (1846-1922), George Watson Nicholson (1848-1913) and Rebecca Ann (or Annie Rebecca) Nicholson Barnard (1860-1925). As detailed here, J. Lee Nicholson was Harriet’s father.

Nearly all of the reunion attendees mentioned by namein these articles were descended from Thomas A. Nicholson’s children Lee, George and Annie. Rev. W.L. and W.T. Nicholson, for example, were Lee’s sons, and the Barnards were Annie’s children and grandchildren. Dr. J.P. Nicholson, however, was Rebecca C. Nicholson Nicholson’s brother and Dr. W.G. Nicholson, her nephew. I’m not sure who the octogenarian John N. Nicholson was.


9 thoughts on “Nicholson reunion.

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  2. Margherita Patterson Somers says:

    Your work is just fascinating!! I grew up in Houstonville and often went to Barnards Mill as a child.My great great great grandfather James Patterson baptized James Lee Nicholson in 1842. You have uncovered so much information about the area that I find very helpful. I too have relatives buried in the Welch Nicholson graveyard so am glad that you were able to visit the cemetery.

    John Colvert, the father of W.I. Colvert, was my also my great great great grandfather so I guess we are related!

    • Wow, Margherita! Thanks for reaching out. I’m learning so much about that corner of Iredell from folks who’ve found this blog. I’m assuming that Patterson was Methodist? Which church did they attend? Are there surviving records?

      John A. Colvert owned my GGGgrandfather Walker Colvert and his son John Walker Colvert, but he was not their blood relative. (As far as I know.) John A. inherited Walker from his father Samuel Colvert in Culpeper County VA. When John died in 1823, Walker passed to William I.

      Would love to correspond more about these families! I can be reached at lyhend at aol dot com. Thanks!!!

  3. Jeff Esely says:

    Hi, Jeff Esely of Savannah, Missouri here. We just returned from vacation in the Smokys. We took a day trip to the Yadkin & Winston Salem area to visit the graves of some of my ancestors. Having done previous research we found all the graves we were looking for.——–John Nicholson Sr. and Caty are my 5th Great Grand parents. via: John Jr….Eliza N. Fleming,…..Mary Malissa F. Reece…….David A. Reece,……Eddie Rose Reece Esely…….Dale F. Esely……..Me,Jeffrey D. Esely Sr. and my 3 sisters Sandra, Cindy and Stacey. Had a good time there and was excited to find about 20 ancesters in 4 different cemeterys in 3 different counties. Mary Malissa and Joel Reece moved with their children to Missouri shortly after the Civil War. Joel was in the 5th NC Calvary along with Sam Fleming (Mary Malissa’s brother). We visited Sam’s grave nearby the graves of John Jr. and Mary Nicholson at the Welch- Nicholson Cemetery.

    • Hi, Jeff! I’ve been so caught up in other pursuits that I haven’t corrected the post, but this reminds me to do so. I’ve got a couple of DNA matches with Flemings, which is a surprise as we are on the order of 5th cousins+. I’m descended from both of John Sr.’s wife via the marriage of Thomas A. Nicholson and Rebecca C. Nicholson.

  4. Jeff Esely says:

    Jeff Esely sez: Hi again. I would be very interested to see any pictures of our ancestors posted. Perhaps there was a painting of John Sr. & Katherine (Caty) Nicholson. Or photos of John II & Mary Nicholson….Daughter Eliza Nicholson Fleming & husband David……Their daughter and son, Mary Malissa Fleming and Samuel Franklin Fleming. This would be extra COOL!

    • I’ve never seen portraits of any of these folks! T.A. Nicholson was a state representative and Methodist minister and lived long enough to have a photographic portrait made, but if I survives, I’ve never seen it published.

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