Maternal Kin, Paternal Kin, Vocation

Where we worked: teamsters, drivers and draymen.

Lewis Colvert, Statesville NC – drayman, circa 1895.

Haywood Artis, Norfolk VA – driver, 1897.

Isham Smith, Goldsboro NC – husband of Nancy Henderson Smith; wagon driver, circa 1900.

Wesley Barnes, Wilson NC – teamster, 1900-1910; drayman, Tomlinson Co., circa 1919.

Mike Taylor, Wilson NC – drayman, circa 1900; drayman, circa 1908-1910s.

Dock Simmons, Logansport IN – teamster, 1900s-1920s; trucking, circa 1945.

Luther McNeely, Statesville NC – driver, dray wagon, circa 1910; driver, Statesville Grocery Company, 1916.

John W. Colvert, Statesville NC – dray wagon driver, circa 1910; driver, circa 1916; teamster, circa 1920.

William Henderson, Goldsboro NC – driver, circa 1916.

Jack Henderson, Wilson NC – transfer driver, Sam Vick, circa 1917; truck driver for woodyard, circa 1920; truck driver, Liggett & Myers tobacco company, 1930s-1940s.

Junius Allen, Newport News VA – drayman, circa 1920.

John Sampson, Goldsboro NC – husband of Cora Reid Sampson; drayman for city, circa 1920.

Bazel Holt, Greensboro NC – husband of Mamie Henderson Holt; driver, 1920s-1950s; Foster-Caveness, Inc., circa 1930.

John Long, Statesville NC – husband of Lizzie McNeely Long; railway truck driver, circa 1930.

James L. Henderson, Goldsboro NC – truck helper, “CoCola” plant, circa 1936.

Jimmie Reaves, Greenville NC – husband of Bertha Taylor Reaves; driver for department store, circa 1940.


“Drayman” — historically, the driver of a dray, a low, flat-bed wagon without sides, pulled generally by horses or mules and used to transport goods.

“Teamster” — historically, the driver of a wagon drawn by a team of draft animals, usually oxen, horses, or mules.


The fourth in an occasional series exploring the ways in which my kinfolk made their livings in the 19th and early 20th centuries.


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