Enslaved People, Maternal Kin, North Carolina, Other Documents, Rights

Accept no pass unless …

Ring the Court House bell at 10 o’clock every night and at all other times when necessary to alarm the citizens.

Arrest all slaves absent from home after the bell rings and after the calaboose is finished lock them up till day light. Give them 15 lashes and inform the magistrate of their names and owners.

Accept no pass unless the place or places where the slave is permitted to go is written in the same and arrest the slave if found off a direct line or road from one place to another.

Arrest all slaves engaged in a disturbance either with or without a pass.

A pass allowing a slave to visit his wife is good for one month and then must be taken up and another given or he will be arrested.

Iredell County slave ordinances, undated. North Carolina State Archives.


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