Military, North Carolina, Other Documents, Paternal Kin

World War I draft registration cards: Aldridge, no. 1.

Three sons of John W. Aldridge and their first cousins, sons of George W. Aldridge:


George’s son Prince A. Aldridge appears on a list titled “Negroes Certified” (US Lists of Men Ordered to Report to Local Board for Military Duty 1917-1918,, but it is not clear whether he ever enlisted and served.  He moved to Wilson NC after the war and worked as a plasterer and occasional tobacco factory worker. Prince died 15 May 1953.



Prince’s brother Blanchard (“Blancher”) Aldridge was called up in July 1918 and ordered to Florida A&M’s Tallahassee, Florida campus. His gravestone indicates that he served in 78th Division, Provision Outpost, Machine Gun Training Center.


From his discharge papers: Blanchard Aldridge.  #3022528.  Priv, 78th Prov Co, 7th Prov Tr Gr MTDMGTC.  Honorably discharged.  Born in Goldsboro NC.  Enlisted at 22 years of age.  Occupation: Presser.  Brown eyes, black hair, brown complexion.  5’8″.  Camp Hannah GA, 6 Jan 1919.  Enlisted 1 Jul 1918, Goldsboro NC.  Not rated, marksmanship.  No battles, no wounds, normal physical condition.  Single. Excellent character. Entitled to travel pay from Camp Hannah GA to Goldsboro NC.


john j aldridge ww1

Johnnie Aldridge was the only one of John Aldridge’s sons to remain a farmer in the Dudley area. He was newly married in 1917. I wish I knew the story of the broken skull. Johnnie died 13 April 1964.



Though, as a medical student, he probably had fewer resources than his brothers John and Zebedee, Tom Aldridge claimed responsibility for the support of his widowed mother and unmarried sisters. He also asserted that his own health was poor. He had already begun to shave years off his age — he was born in 1886, in fact — but had not yet changed the spelling of his surname to “Aldrich.”  Tom was enrolled at Meharry School of Medicine at the time he registered, and his obituary reports that he served in the Army Medical Corps in 1918. Tom died in Saint Louis MO in February 1968.



Zebedee Aldridge, the oldest of John Aldridge’s sons, had been living in Virginia for nearly 20 years by time he registered. He was in his late 30s and was not called to serve.  Zebedee died August 1958.


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