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Remembering Ardeanur Smith Hart.

She was the oldest of the McNeely grandchildren.

I can’t find the photo right now. The one I took at the last family reunion she attended in, perhaps, the mid-1980s. She was lovely. “Pulled,” as my friends say, with flawless caramel skin, steel grey hair swept in a neat chignon,* stately bosom encased in a champagne-colored lace sheath dress. Cousin Ardeanur Smith Hart, born one hundred twelve years ago today.

McNEELY -- Ardeanur Smith seatedArdeanur, circa 1928, Bayonne NJ.

McNEELY -- Ardeanur_Minnie_Louise_BertArdeanur; her aunt Minnie McNeely, who reared her after her mother’s death; her cousin Louise Colvert; a Murphy; and her uncle Lon Colvert’s sister, Bertha Hart. Statesville, mid-1920s.

McNEELY -- Ardeanur Smith with pearlsArdeanur Smith Hart (8 February 1902-14 January 1996).

*I found it. And I misremembered. Not a chignon, but a neat cap of curls.


7 thoughts on “Remembering Ardeanur Smith Hart.

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  6. Peter Murray says:

    A beautiful remembrance – much appreciated. My information was mainly on her husband Frank Wellington Hart. I would be interested in contacting you to learn more.

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