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Black carpenter makes name for himself.

I’ve been pulling together a descendant chart for Daniel Artis. In part, I want to keep the names straight and, in part, I’m trying to see if I’m related to any of the other Edwardses, Saulses or Artises I grew up with. Tonight I Googled some random names from this family and up popped this, published just three days ago in Kinston.com, the on-line version of the Kinston Free Press. Andrew Sauls’ father was Isaac Sauls, son of Isaac Sauls, son of Prior Ann Artis Sauls Thompson, daughter of Daniel Artis, brother of my great-great-great-great-grandmother Vicey Artis Williams.

[Update, 7 March 2014: I emailed the Free Press journalist and two days later — yesterday — got a call from Andrew Sauls himself! He lives on land his grandfather bought in 1920 (plus 400 more); confirmed that the Artis Town sign is gone; knew M.’s grandfather, “Cousin Booker T.,” well; and promised to show me around Sauls-Edwards-Artis territory next time I’m home!  — LYH]


6 thoughts on “Black carpenter makes name for himself.

  1. Luckie says:

    My, my, my! The Ancestor trail is a beautiful thing to flow with. Just keep walking your destiny Lisa. They are laying it all out!:)

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  3. Joann Stevens says:

    Hi Lisa there was a school built at 602 West Harper Street in Snow Hill, (look up Mary Battle, Industrial Supervisor for Colored Schools) this was a plank structure. Later a school replaced that one at the same sight with funds from the Rosenwald Fund. Thank you so much for all the information you share! JoAnn

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