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All of my possessions to have and to hold.

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Born 40 years into American independence, and less than ten after the importation of African slaves was banned, Walker Colvert could have prayed for, but never foreseen, that he would gain his freedom just past the midpoint of his life and that he would die possessed of something to leave his wife and son.



15 thoughts on “All of my possessions to have and to hold.

    • Wow, Pat! Thanks for reaching out. I’ve always wondered what the connection between Walker and the witnesses were. Simply neighbors? Had Walker worked for or with them? Do you know where Daniel lived in 1905? I’m pretty sure Walker remained in the vicinity of Eagle Mills, but I’m not sure. — Lisa

  1. Pat Painter says:

    I lost a big post,so here goes again. My computer’s junk. They were likely close neighbors. original property was on Mullis road and Zion Liberty road. Colverts were apparently wealthy, Mullis and Reed not so much. Colvert had lots of property, some on eagle mills rd. I’m descended from Thomas Nicholson and the Barnards. We could talk for hrs. Are you familiar with Robert Carson, the Cowles, Daltons, Long Lance, Teen Blackburn? This area has a rich history and hope you can find out more before any more disappears. I need to find a better way to communicate. – later, Pat

    • My great-grandfather Lon W. Colvert’s first wife was a Dalton. I’m in the middle of drafting a post about her (and her presumed link to Daltonia.) Lon’s mother Harriet Nicholson was Thomas A. Nicholson’s granddaughter. Harriet’s mother was an enslaved woman named Lucinda. Lucinda had a son, William Nicholson, whose death cert lists her maiden name as Cowles and his father as Burwell Carson. Lots of links among the enslaved people belonging to Eagle Mills families.

      • Pat Painter says:

        I’ll pass along  your email  to Crosby. and yes don’t doubt we’re related more than one way.   Hope to get a reliable computer someday.

      • Pat Painter says:

        Great, send yours,  I’m having trouble sending email.  Happy New Yr. to you and yours.  Welcome to the ancestry game.  You don’t  get done!  I’m alone, except for   my grandson  who  stayed up all night, I had my peas, pork and greens by myself more grands threatening to come  tomorrow.  Look forward to speaking to  you

  2. Pat Painter says:

    have you contacted Iredell County Geneological Society? Elderly man there is quite knowledgeable about local black history. He calls me frequently and sometimes we can help with oral history. I know how frustrating it can be even with documentation.

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