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He would be murdered if he did not cease.


Weekly Standard Raleigh 5 6 1868 Jacob Ing

Raleigh Weekly Standard, 6 May 1868.

Jacob Ing’s radical ideas surfaced well before Reconstruction. As made clear in his last will and testament, he had a long relationship with a free woman of color named Chaney Jones (also known as Hester or Easter Jones) and fathered several children for whom he provided. One, daughter Lucinda, was the first legal wife of my great-great-great-grandfather Adam T. Artis.

[Small world: Jacob Ing witnessed the last will and testament of Reubin Taylor of Nash and Edgecombe Counties and served as executor of the estate of Reubin’s sons Dempsey and Kinchen Taylor, who owned my great-great-grandparents.]


4 thoughts on “He would be murdered if he did not cease.

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  2. Kathie Cole says:

    Jacob Ing and Esther Jones’s daughter Sarah was my great , great grandmother.

    Sarah married William Reynolds. They moved to Frankfort, Ohio.

    • Great to hear from you! My great-great-great-grandfather Adam T. Artis’ first wife was their daughter Lucinda. I was mystified by the estate she left her children until I discovered that she was Ing’s daughter.

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