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She was named after …

As in many early American families,  the descendants of Solomon and Vicey Artis Williams honored their forebears and living kin by naming children after them. The practice did not begin with them, and it is intriguing to speculate about which of the names that Vicey bestowed upon her offspring had been handed down from earlier generations.

The chart below sets forth all known namesakes of Solomon, Vicey or their children Zilpha, Adam, Jane, Loumiza, Charity, Lewis, Jonah, Jethro, Jesse, Richard and Delilah.



2 thoughts on “She was named after …

  1. Yes. I was just doing naming patterns within one family. Uncle Jesse was named after a Jesse, but not Jesse Artis. The Hendersons provide another good example of multi-generation naming traditions, though, and I’ll do another post for them.

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