Free People of Color, Land, Paternal Kin

Lisa Henderson Collection

Thanks to Will Robinson for his good work and to my cousin Bill Hagans for entrusting me with the preservation of these documents!

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lisa_henderson _collection_16 William and Sarah Bryant are selling land to the renowned (and maybe a little infamous) Napoleon Hagans in 1871.

lisa_henderson _collection_14 Plat of Edmundson land being sold to Napoleon Hagans.  Did you know I used to be a land surveyor?

Last week when Lisa Henderson was in town to give her presentation, she also brought by a collection of family deeds for me to digitize.  My focus at graduate school was in the digitization of historic, archival records so anytime someone brings me musty old documents, I am very happy. These deeds are records that may not be in the state archives and if they are they are not easy to access. Very few of North Carolina’s historical records have been digitized so anyone that wants access has to plop down at the archives and sort through them.  Hopefully, in the not too distant future, all of their holdings will be digitized…

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One thought on “Lisa Henderson Collection

  1. Bill Hagans says:

    I thank Lisa Y. Henderson for agreeing to return family deeds to Wayne Co. and Goldsboro, where my father was born in 1910. Will Robinson also get credit for preserving the documents in a form that will hopefully last a long time. When the deeds arrived at my door several years ago from a cousin in Philadelphia, I was lucky to have Lisa explain who and what they were, deed-by-deed. She does a great service to Wayne and Wilson counties by preserving little known and often neglected aspects of their history.

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