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DNAnigma, no. 16: Neighbors.

A plus of growing up in the vicinity of the places your ancestors lived: every once in a while, you’ll discover that your childhood friends (or enemies, ha!) are actually your kinfolk. Just today, I noticed a match with a woman whose name sounded vaguely familiar. I checked her family tree, saw her grandfather’s name, and — bingo! — she’s the first cousin of R., one of my closest childhood friends. R.’s family lived up the street from mine, and I remember my match and her sister, who grew up in Virginia, visiting them. I zapped a message to R.’s sister on Facebook — “We’re COUSINS!” — and she is as stunned as I. I have NO IDEA what our connection is, but I’m about to put my back in this.


Me, R. and J., 1966. Cousins!


2 thoughts on “DNAnigma, no. 16: Neighbors.

  1. Hello I wrote a long comment a few minutes ago..not sure if it went through or not but I’ll just write it again just in case lol.
    Well my name is Precious D.S Watson from New York City. Last night I gained an interest in trying to find my ancestors or knowledge of my family tree so I asked my grandma (who I live with) about her mom side of the family. She told me her grandma name was Maddie Taylor and her great-grandparents were Mike and Rachel Taylor from Wilson, North Carolina. She still has her baby book that confirmed the names. Now before I looked up anything she mentioned how her grandmother Maddie had sisters and one brother of the names Maggie, Mattie, Bertha and Hennie (though she knew little about Hennie). Also knowing they had a brother Roderick. So with the information she gave me I looked up Rachel Taylor and came across your entries “Where We Lived: 114 West Lee Street” and Eureka…Not!” where all these names she mentioned to me were the exact names you were writing about. coincidence?! maybe but I do believe we are talking about the same people. Also the family “Ennis” you mentioned in “Where We Lived: 114 West Lee Street”, we have cousins with that last name who were from the same location. She also knew that her family lived near a train track in Wilson as well. I let my grandmother read your entries and we both was very excited! she mentioned a few times that our family were lost and now she thinks perhaps there is a chance we found family. I know this is a stretch but if you have anymore information like if there are any Taylors left or are we related? If so, how? please don’t hesitate to contact me. It’ll be much appreciated! this is the closest we got to knowing anything more about our family tree. my email is: pdaniellesw@hotmail.com

    look forward to hearing from you!

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