DNA, North Carolina, Paternal Kin

DNA Definites, no. 19: Henderson.

My grandmother, a descendant of James Henderson‘s son Lewis Henderson, knew and regarded as kin the descendants of Lewis’ siblings and half-siblings James Henry, John, Nancy, Mollie and Ella Henderson. John’s descendants knew and regarded as kin the descendants of his siblings and half-siblings Lewis, James Henry, Alex, Hepsie, and Susan Henderson. Certain names — Lewis, James, Nancy, Henry — occur with frequency among James’ children and grandchildren. Documents establish and confirm the interconnections between the Hendersons who lived in the area of Dudley in southern Wayne County. All in all, I am more than satisfied that the evidence establishes that Lewis, James Henry, Mary, Eliza, Anna J., Susan, Hepsie, Alexander, John, Nancy, Bettie, Mollie, Edward and Louella Henderson were the children of James Henderson and his first and second wives.

Still, it’s nice to have some science to back it all up.

Yesterday, I noticed a new entry among the DNA matches for my cousin W.H., whose account I am monitoring. I immediately recognized the match as H.K., a descendant of Lewis Henderson. I rushed to my own account and, yes, H.K. is in my list, too. He joins E.G., L.G. and me as representatives of the Lewis branch. Other branches with matches at Ancestry DNA include: W.H. and S.D. (the John branch) and B.B., A.M., P.C. and K.H. (the Susan branch.)


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