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A Kerchief of Sense.

Timed to coincide with the anniversaries of his father’s birth in 1923 and his mother’s death in 1963, Effenus Henderson‘s recent memoir, A Kerchief of Sense, is available at It is a simultaneously heart-breaking and heart-warming story of family and faith.


So much of what Effenus has written of occurred during the period that our branches of both the Henderson and Aldridge families had lost contact. I found my way back to them through my grandmother and father, who often mentioned that we had a cousin called Snook — Horace Henderson — still down in Dudley. My grandmother only knew bits and pieces of the story told here, but her recollections led to our reconnection with his children and our larger family. Tribulation was no stranger to either of our lines, but we survived and now thrive. Thank you, Effenus, for capturing this aspect of our common legacy.

snook 12 2

Horace Henderson Sr. and his twelve children, 1963.


4 thoughts on “A Kerchief of Sense.

    • The family is really proud of Effenus and his memoir. The Hendersons count descent from a matriarch who was born around 1800. We’re a large extended family with many, many branches, but in some ways Snook’s children are our modern core.

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