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Great-great-aunt Henrietta’s passing.

Another treasure from’s new Virginia vital records. The death certificate of my great-grandfather Lon W. Colvert‘s half-sister, Henrietta Colvert: 43006_162028006071_0260-00049

  • Henrietta Rebecca Colvert! I’ve never seen a middle name for Henrietta before, and it’s nice to see that she was named for her father’s step-mother.
  • Date of birth — 4 March 1911? More like 1893.
  • I’m still not sure how Henrietta wound up in Roanoke, though I assume she ended her nursing career there.
  • The Colvert “home house” in Statesville was on Harrison Street. The nursing home in which Henrietta spent her final years was on Harrison Avenue.
  • E.S., my grandmother’s first cousin and son of Henrietta’s sister Ida Colvert Stockton, lives in suburban D.C., and he told me that he and his wife visited Henrietta in her declining years. Did my grandmother know that her aunt was living in Roanoke? Did she know when she died?
  • Is her grave marked? There’s no listing for it in Williams Memorial Park at

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