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DNAnigma, no. 17: Aldridge-Balkcum?

Ohhh, a thing is brewing with my Aldridge-Balkcums. A couple of days ago I got a message from a woman who administers her uncle’s 23andme account. J. told me that her uncle, M.R., matches me and R.L. on chromosome 20. R.L. is a known cousin who’s descended from Robert and Mary Eliza Balkcum via their daughter Amelia Aldridge Brewington. She and my father (who’s descended from son John W. Aldridge) are third cousins. I was mystified at first, as I didn’t see any other matches to dozen-plus other Aldridge-Balkcums at 23andme. Then, R.L.’s daughter B.J. steered me over to GEDmatch. There, in small doses, M.R. and his son J.R. match (and triangulate with) me; my father; his half-first cousin J.H.; R.L.; and A.S., who’s descended from Amanda Aldridge Artis.

M.R.’s roots are primarily in Ohio, but he has a few western North Carolina Piedmont and Virginia lines. What in the world is the connection???

at matrix


2 thoughts on “DNAnigma, no. 17: Aldridge-Balkcum?

  1. Jehodges says:

    DNA is very random. My brother and I have a 3rd cousin where our match is less than the 7cm threshold. He does match our father and my Dad, my brother and the 3rd cousin all share Y-DNA.

    • Yes, it is very random. The question we have is how M.R. is related to the rest of us, who constitute a known group of cousins tracing ancestry back to Robert Aldridge and Mary Eliza Balkcum. We know nothing of Robert’s parentage. We have a strong certainty about Eliza’s mother, who was white, but none concerning her father.

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