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MY grandmother.

Every time I see you as a little girl, I think of one time you came, and I was going Overtown and you said you were going with me. You wanted to go with me. So I carried you with me, and I saw a lady I had been working with, and she had a granddaughter named Lisa, too. And so she said, “Oh, hello, Grandmother, you have your Lisa, too!” And I said, “I have my Lisa, too.” And you said, “Don’t call her Grandmother ‘cause she is not your grandmother.” That lady just laughed about that thing. You said, “Don’t call her Grandmother. She is not your grandmother. She is my grandmother.” Yes, sir. But you were ‘sleep before I got to Orcutt Avenue.

Margaret Allen newspaper

Margaret Colvert Allen (2 August 1908-11 February 2010)

Missing my grandmother on her birthday.


4 thoughts on “MY grandmother.

  1. Diane Davis says:

    Very touching story. I am related to the Colvert’s and descendants of Samuel W. Colvert so that makes us distant cousins. Our generation finds slavery abhorrent, but our ancestors were ignorant constrainted by their own culture and time period.

    Fortunately, we live in a society that recognizes that slavery was wrong, but, sadly, the institution itself has a history far older than America and still persists in some cultures today. It is well to remember that if we go far enough back in time with our genealogy, we all have both slaves and masters among our ancestors. Very sad indeed.

    • Thank you posting, Diane. I hope you found my other posts re Colverts. I don’t know that my great-great-great-grandfather Walker Colvert was actually related to his owners Samuel, John A. and William I. Colvert, but he was certainly close to William. I wish I knew more about Walker’s life in Culpeper County, and I hope to discover his parents’ names.

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