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C.D. Sauls, influential colored man of Snow Hill, invests.

In 1897, cousin Cain D. Sauls was one of two African-American members of a five-man delegation that traveled eastern North Carolina advocating for the “Snow Hill Railroad.”

Goldsboro_Weekly_Argus__4_15_1897_CD_Sauls_Snow_Hill_RR (1)

Goldsboro Weekly Argus, 15 April 1897.

A little over a year later, North Carolina’s secretary of state approved the incorporation of the Great Eastern Railway Company, which planned to build and operate a 130+ mile railroad passing through Johnston, Wayne, Greene, Pitt, Beaufort and Hyde Counties. Among the 25 stockholders incorporating the railroad? C.D. Sauls!


Raleigh Morning Post, 15 October 1898.


5 thoughts on “C.D. Sauls, influential colored man of Snow Hill, invests.

  1. This blog is fascinating, you have done a good job at tracing your kin.
    My maiden name is Sauls, my people came from Georgia about the end of the Civil War, moving to Oklahoma and then to California.
    Have you ever done a DNA test? I am white, as you can see from my pic, but that doesn’t mean we have no genetic relationship. I am interested to know…

    • Hi! Thanks for visiting and commenting. I have indeed done DNA tests and have many white genetic matches as a considerable percentage of my ancestry was European. I’m not a Sauls though. C.D. Sauls and I are related via our common Artis ancestry. Do you know where your Georgia Sauls migrated from? Sauls was a fairly common name in early 19th century Wayne and Greene Counties NC.

      • Thanks for asking! In looking at my tree again, I see that the line goes back to Wayne Co. NC, where my 5th great-grandfather, Raymond Sauls, died in 1818. The line I have goes through his son Reuben and grandson Cullen, then to Wiley David, Henry Robert, William David, and my grandfather Robert Boyer. Cullen died in Randolph County, Georgia. William David was born in Randolph County and died in Oklahoma. Robert Boyer was born in Indian Territory (Oklahoma) and died in California. I am very confident of the line back to Cullen, as I have DNA matches that go back that far, and provisionally confident about Reuben & Raymond.You haven’t happened to run into them by any chance???

  2. Jerry sauls says:

    Hello my name is Jerry sauls I’m a 61 year old white male I live here in Brunswick County nc but my dad’ John Thomas sauls family is from green county I’m sure that he had a lot of relatives there but never got the chance to find out I was only 13 years old when he passed away but I knew that he was born in green county in 1919 and had 3 brothers and 3 sisters but would like to find out more

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