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An Artis founding story.

A cousin sent me this undated letter a few days ago, asking if I knew anything about it. She is descended from my great-great-great-grandfather Adam Artis‘ brother Richard Artis. Her Richard is not one of the Richards listed to in the document. (There were several contemporaneous Richard Artises just in the Wayne-Greene-Wilson County corner, none of whom I can link to one another.) The family history recounted in the letter smacks of the apocryphal, but it is interesting, and I will try to follow up on it.



13 thoughts on “An Artis founding story.

  1. Georgia P. Exum McClain says:

    I am Georgia Perniecy Exum McClain. Your relative Adam Artis is Buried on land he owned Hwy 222E Wayne County, NC.
    My Father George Buchannan Exum deceased had one Brother.. John E. Exum deceased… John E. Exum married Cora Artis Exum deceased THE cemetery of their burial is located on HWY 222E ( across the HWY of 222 E 1 mile toward Stantonsburg, NC from Eureka, NC . Google ( John C. Exum 1 Family Cemetery, Wayne County, NC

      • Georgia P. Exum McClain says:

        My information can be verified. The John C. Exum 1 family cemetery is registered in the Wayne County Register of Deeds. The Map is also registered . The tombstones are surveyed by GOOGLE
        The Estates of George Buchannan Exum I and George Buchannan Exum Jr are on file at the Wayne County Courthouse

  2. Avery Taylor says:

    Hello…. My people are from, Upper fishing creek, edgecombe county, “Taylor’s”.Daniel/Dawn Taylor,married Elle Anent.Children; Joseph,Keziah,and Altimore. I can’t find Daniel nowhere. He was born 1845.please help.

  3. Georgia P. Exum McClain says:

    Information regarding the Exum families and the Artis families. The Adam Artis. buried in a single grave on Hwy 222 is the father of JB Artis, Leslie Artis and others who were landowners in Wayne County. The Adam Artis was called Adam Artis IV
    This Adam Artis was also married to Miss Kate whose house was burned down in 1939. This Adam Artis was deceased when Miss Kate expired in the fire. Miss Kate and Adam Artis did not have children in their marriage union

    What was the reason for your visit to the John C Exum 1 family Cemetery? You must have noted the Deed to the certain Parcel of Land on the Grave marker of John C. Exum 1 and his wife/ mother of several children whom all relatives called Fraunie.
    John C Exum 1 and Fraunie (nickname) Exum are my paternal great grandparents. Data/ paternal grandfather’s death certificate. State of North Carolina.
    The oldest living grandchild of John C Exum1 and Fraunie (nickname)Exum is 100 years old

    Each Exum Cemetery as some call1234 was established by one of John C Exum1` and( Fraunie) nickname Exum’s children on land that was owned by one of the children.

    • Georgia, respectfully, I’m confused. I know all this information and have blogged about it. I am descended from Adam’s daughter Louvicey Artis Aldridge. I grew up with descendants of many of his other children in Wilson. I visited the Exum cemetery because extended family members are buried there.

  4. Georgia P Exum McClain says:

    Does Adam Artis, who is buried on land that he owned on Hwy 222E have a great,great, great grandson whose name is Larry Darnell Artis? YES. current resident of Wayne County, NC
    Larry Artis’ grandfather LESLIE ARTIS was a large landowner in Wayne County…
    Leslie Artis died after 1958. Wayne County, NC
    Did Leslie Artis have a brother Named Wiley Artis. YES Did Wiley Artis have a wife named Hannah Artis YES Place of Death Wayne County, NC
    Georgia P. EXUM McClain

    • No, Adam Artis’ son Leslie (1892-1974) did not have a brother named Wiley. Leslie had two brothers, Humphrey (1887-1901) and Odell (1893-1921). There was another Leslie Artis living in the Nahunta area at roughly the same time, and the two men are often confused.

  5. Ray Edmonson says:

    Hello all,
    I am researching the Reid and Artis families for a friend. She is a descendant of both. She is from the William Reid line and the Zipha Artis line. First let me say the information from this blog and other sources has been most helpful in conducting research and compiling information for her.

    If anyone has information on Elizabeth Wilson Reed and Magdelena Reid Lindsey, I would be most appreciative. I understand Magdelena/ Lena was blind. Don’t have information on this condition. Any photos or direct me to someone that may be of assistance would also be appreciated.


    • Hi Ray. I’ve blogged about the Reids and this Artis line (to which I’m related, but not descended) at my Wilson County blog,, and at my genealogy blog, I have featured Rhoda Reid, Zilpha Artis Wilson and Elizabeth Wilson Reid. Unfortunately, I have no specific information about Maggie Reid Lindsey.

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