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Opposes race suicide. (Har! Har!)

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The Wilmington Messenger, 3 January 1906.

The Statesville Record & Landmark, 9 January 1906.

The Raleigh Enterprise, 11 January 1906.

The Union Republic (Winston-Salem), 11 January 1906.

The Dispatch (Lexington), 17 January 1906.

The Alamance Gleaner, 18 January 1906.

The Salisbury Evening Post, 20 January 1906.

This exaggerated, casually racist account was published in no fewer than seven North Carolina newspapers in January 1906. (Adam Artis was my great-great-great-grandfather, and he actually had more like 25 children.)


2 thoughts on “Opposes race suicide. (Har! Har!)

  1. Georgia P Exum McClain says:

    Is Adam Artis buried on Highway 222E Wayne County, NC. The neighborhood of my birth. The neighborhood of the Historical John C.Exum1 Family Cemetery. Hwy 222E Wayne County, NC

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