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Newport News Jacks and Jills.

My Aldridge cousin Barbie Jones has access to an archive of early editions of the Norfolk Journal & Guide, an African-American newspaper. All morning, she’s been pelting me with gems pulled from the pasts of both my Aldridge-Brewington family and my mother’s close family in Newport News. Here’s the first — stay tuned!


Norfolk Journal & Guide, 20 March 1948.

All five of my grandparents’ children, just three days before my mother’s birthday.


5 thoughts on “Newport News Jacks and Jills.

  1. georgia p McClain says:

    Good work. My father received the paper by us postal when IO was a youngster..
    aside::::::: the John C Exum1 Cemetery was so named by Noah Exum. the story told is that burials already existed when John C Exum1 and Fraunie (.Sophronie)
    purchased the land from William Exum. William Exum. was granted this land from the Queen of England. Many of the White Ancesters of William Exum live in Green County, NC……..
    John C Exum1 and Fraunie occupied the land prior to the Civil war. They did not own the land because it was illegal in that John C married Fruunie whom NC data listed as colored. According to Data in the Wayne County register of DEEDS John C Exum ! was not listed as COLORED…….
    All of the Exum Cemeterys are located on land owned by Legal children of Johm C. Exum1 and Fraunie,( Sophonia.) Exum.
    MY DNA establishes who I am, only 3% American

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