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June Scott Artis.

My cousin Adam just celebrated a birthday, but gave me a present. He is the latest in a line of at least nine Adams named in honor of our common ancestor, Adam Toussaint Artis. I am descended from Adam’s daughter Louvicey Artis Aldridge, and Adam, from his son June Scott Artis. (Actually, we’re double cousins, as June’s mother was Amanda Aldridge, sister of Louvicey’s husband John W. Aldridge. Yes — Adam married his daughter’s sister-in-law.)

The gift was this photo, which must have been taken very close to end of June Artis’ life and depicts him and his wife Ethel Becton Artis. Though Adam had dozens of children, photos of relatively few survive. I recognize in June’s face the “peak-ed” nose that my grandmother attributed to his half-sister Vicey and full sister Josephine Artis Sherrod.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 7.39.48 PM

In the 1900 census of Nahunta township, Wayne County:  Adam Artice, 68, a widowed farmer,  with children Louetta, 18, Robert, 16, Columbus, 14, Josephfene, 13, Jun S., 10, Lillie B., 9, Henry B., 6, Annie, 3, Walter, 26, and William Artis, 24.

In the 1910 census of Stantonsburg township, Wilson County: Columbus Artis, 24, grocery storekeeper, with brothers June Scott, 20, and Henry J., 16, box factory laborers,plus two lodgers, John Newsome, 30, and Eliza Diggs, 24 (who were relatives of their brother William’s wife Etta Diggs Artis.)

J.S. Artis married Ethel Becton on 29 January 1912 in Wayne County.

June Scott registered for the World War I draft in Wayne County. He reported that he had been born 23 November 1889 near Eureka, Wayne County and resided on RFD 1, Fremont.  He farmed for himself near Eureka and was described as being tall and slender with dark brown eyes and black hair.  He signed his name “June Cott Artis” on 5 June 1917.

In the 1920 census of Stantonsburg township, Wilson County: on Stantonsburg & Wilson Road, farm manager June S. Artis, 30, wife Ethel, 26, and children James, 7, Edgar, 7, Manda Bell, 3, and farm laborer Edgar Exum.

In the 1930 census of Stantonsburg township, Wilson County: farmer June S. Artis, 40, wife Ethel P., 34, and children James B., 17, Edgar J., 15, Amanda B., 14, and Gladys L. Artis, 5.

In the 1940 census of Stantonsburg township, Wilson County: farmer June S. Artis, 50, wife Ethel, 46, and children James Brodie, 25, Edger, 23, and Gladys, 16.

June Scott Artis died 2 June 1973 in Stantonsburg of chronic myocarditis, secondary to chronic nephritis.  His death certificate reports that he was married to Ethel Becton and was born 23 November 1895 to Adam Artis and Mandy Aldridge.  He was buried 7 June 1973 at Artis Cemetery in Wayne County.

Ethel Becton Artis died 14 October 1994, days after her 102nd birthday.


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  1. georgia p McClain says:

    All neighbors of the John C. Exum I family members. Diggs School was a part of the community. Thank you. Keep up the good work

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