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Well done.


My uncle Charles C. Allen passed peacefully last night, surrounded by love. I am grateful to have been able to say goodbye last week and to receive one last lesson — on living and dying with grace — from his bottomless well of wisdom.

His eldest son’s words speak loudest:

“Last night, we lost the rock of the family, my father Charles C. Allen. His illness was brief, and he died on his own terms surrounded by the people he loved. He was married to my mother for 57 years (they’d known each other for over 60 years) and leaves three children, three grandchildren, and three surviving siblings. Dad possessed a tremendous sense of dignity, integrity, and inner fortitude. He was a friend to many. If you needed advice, he’d offer it (sometimes you didn’t need to ask), if you needed a shoulder to lean on, he was there. If you had done him wrong, he turned the other cheek and looked for ways to meet in the middle. Over the course of his 81 years, he mentored literally dozens of people of all races and creeds. Dad lived a full and productive life, and he did it his way. We will miss him, but will also live our lives as a direct reflection of his values and work ethic.”


My heroes — my father, my mother, my uncle.


 Charles Claybourne Allen

21 September 1935-20 January 2017


8 thoughts on “Well done.

  1. Lisa, I was just introduced to this site today by my cousin Grisby Hubbard. I am william Cosmo Dickerson-Waheed. My father was Milton Reid Jr. and his mother was Nora Artis Reid. She is a direct descendant of Adam Toussaint Artis ann my fathers people are from Reidtown. Thanks for what you have done, I have never seen any site like this in my life. and oh by the way, the connection for Civil and Human Rights run deep, that is my life’s work.

  2. Hey, not sure if this is a repeat, however thank you for your work, it is the most fascinating family history I have ever read and to think, it is my family. Nora Artis Reid is my paternal grandmother, and her husband, Milton Reid, Sr is of Reidtown. my name is William Cosmo Dickerson-Waheed, son of Milton Reid, Jr.

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