2 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Cousin Onra!

  1. Margaret Ward says:

    Good afternoon Lisa, I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to ask you a few questions about some of the information contained in a past post concerning the designation of Wilson’s Historic districts. I know a lot of your research pertains to the historical facts and stories of East Wilson and the Black Community, but are you somewhat familiar with the districts and their significance? The reason I ask revolves around my desire to understand the “Historic Dowtown Wilson District” and the adjoining districts like the one my business is in (I believe it is the warehouse district) I did read the post you made or that was posted on this that detailed the history of a lot of the business downtown at that time and was wondering if any of the adjoining districts had any special distinction like that of the “Historic Downtown Wilson District” . Long story short, I have a beef with Downtown Wilson and their Central Municipal District and the HDWD for not allowing me to participate in some of the benefits of the HDWD activities. (I can certainly pay for advertisement participation in the events, but not be a part in promoting the overall area and downtown business… something as simple as flying a flag that shows your support of the HDWD and that you are open for business. I’m sure this sounds petty, but to have been in business for 122 years in the downtown area and not be considered downtown is disappointing. My next question… Would you be in a position to gather any information on Barrett’s while searching through the record years beginning in 1888 the year my great grand parents were married, specifically around 1896 the year Barrett’s was established and into the 1920 or so? If not I understand. I just thought I would ask. We will be celebrating our 125th anniversary in a few years and I wanted to put together a better historical representation of Barrett’s through the years. I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully be able to explain/discuss my questions a little better.

    Sincerely, Margaret Barret Ward

    PS I also wanted to mention that as a citizen of Wilson, I really enjoy your contributions to the Wilson NC Back in the Day and also your Scuffalong: Genealogy posts. I know a lot of work goes into the research and preservation of said work. I thank you for your efforts.

  2. Shelton Tucker says:

    I looked at this picture of your uncle Henderson and think I have a picture of him with my dad in their Navy uniforms at a bar in San Francisco with another gentleman and two ladies. My Dad was only 14 when he enlisted for WWII. I think they might have been NC guys hanging out or something. That guy in the pic looks like your Uncle. I IM you the picture.

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