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The strike was effecting the port seriously.

In November of 1948, my great-grandfather John C. Allen Sr. traveled to New York City to mediate on behalf of his local union to end a strike by longshoremen that tied up all cargo except coal.

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The Daily Press (Newport News, Virginia), 20 November 1948.



4 thoughts on “The strike was effecting the port seriously.

  1. T. mckoy says:

    I was wondering if you had any descendants from Goldsboro NC. A while back I connected with someone from
    Ancestry and I was trying to figure out our connection. My gut tells me it is through the Vine of my 4th generation Aunt. However . Some leads went dry so I traveled to Goldsboro and found some fascinating African American history there connecting my matches descendants as well as some surnames that were familiar to me from somemplaces ans people ive researched. Of them all, educators and funeral directors are always the most interesting

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  2. Shawn Sawyer says:

    Seems our family did so much to keep this community flowing and growing in so many important ways, and know that many positive contributions were made to make things better for all here in Newport News, Virginia.

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