North Carolina, Paternal Kin

Fremont in the forties.

In the early 1940s, Fremont on, say, a Saturday morning, would have been awash with my relatives. Artises in particular, but also the descendants of Elias L. Henderson, George W. Aldridge, and John W. Aldridge‘s daughter Correna Aldridge Newsome. I don’t know that any are captured in this smudgy footage, but it’s a fascinating glimpse nonetheless at the by-gone busy life of this small Wayne County town.

Per Youtube, “Fremont businessman Oscar Turlington took fantastic home movies of his hometown that document life in rural Wayne County.” This film was “[s]hared with the Wayne County Public Library by the Leon Mooring Family.” Many thanks to Marty Tschetter, Local History and Reference Librarian at Wayne County Public Library, Goldsboro.