Maternal Kin, Paternal Kin, Vocation

Where we worked: “All the live-long day.”

Henry Solice, near Mount Olive NC – railroad section hand, circa 1910.

Walter Holt, Greensboro NC – husband of Mollie Henderson Holt; fireman, Southern Railway Company, 1910s-20s.

Edward N. Allen, Newport News VA – railroad laborer, circa 1918.

Eli McNeely, Salisbury NC – worked in “scrap can” at Southern Railroad shop, circa 1920.

Atwood Artice, Portsmouth VA – machinist helper, railroad shop, circa 1920.

Freddie Artis, Portsmouth VA – railroad freighthandler, circa 1920.

Walter Godbold, Rocky Mount NC — husband of Tilithia Aldridge King Godbold Dabney; worked at roundhouse, 1920s.

Quincy McNeely, Asheville NC — mail porter, railway express, circa 1940.


The sixth in an occasional series exploring the ways in which my kinfolk made their livings in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Maternal Kin, Other Documents, Paternal Kin, Vocation

Where we worked: hotels, clubs and boarding houses.

Caswell C. Henderson, Raleigh NC – porter, Yarborough House, circa 1886.

yarborough house

Richard Morgan, Asheville NC – husband of Elvira Colvert Morgan; saloon servant, circa 1900.

Larry R. Artis, Washington DC — porter, public house, circa 1920.

Rufus Williams, Charlotte NC — husband of Carrie Reeves Williams; porter, club, circa _____; waiter, clubhouse, circa _____.

John E. Reeves, Boston MA — hotel waiter, circa ___________.

Ira Braswell Sr., Norfolk VA — husband of Mattie Brewington Braswell; hotel bellman, Atlantic Hotel, circa 1910s-1920s; head waiter, Atlantic Hotel, circa 1930.

atlantic hotel

Lewis Renwick Sr., Statesville NC – husband of Louise Colvert Renwick; porter, Battery Park Hotel, Asheville, 1917; bellman, Vance Hotel, 1920s-1950s.

Edward McNeely, Statesville NC – bellboy, Hotel Iredell, circa 1916; hotel porter, Hotel Iredell, circa 1917.

Lafayette Artis, Washington DC – bellboy, Harrington Hotel, circa 1917.

Earle M. Hagans, Norfolk VA – waiter, Southland Hotel, circa 1918.

Toney Brewington, Norfolk VA – bellman, Southland Hotel, circa 1918.

Ned Barnes, Raleigh NC – porter in club, circa 1920.

Quincy E. McNeely, Asheville NC – waiter, boarding house, circa 1930.

Curtis Braswell, Norfolk VA — hotel waiter, circa 1930.

Freeman Ennis, Wilson NC — bellboy, 1930s.

Hattie Brewington Davis, Atlantic City NJ – worked at Ostend Hotel, circa 1937.



The second in an occasional series exploring the ways in which my kinfolk made their livings in the 19th and early 20th centuries.