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Family cemeteries, no. 7: Turner Swamp Primitive Baptist Church.


Rev. Jonah Williams once led the flock at Turner Swamp, and its cemetery is full of kin.

There’s Richard Artis (whose father Richard was Jonah’s — and my great-great-great-grandfather Adam Artis — brother) and his wife, Penny Coley Artis …


… Richard’s brother John Henry Artis (1896-1963) and sister Emma Artis Reid (1877-1964) …

… and several of Richard and Penny’s children, including Alfonza Artis (1908-1948), C. Columbus Artis (1910-1985), Louis D. Artis (1916-1983), Jonah Artis (1918-1966) and Jesse L. Artis (1919-1960) …

… and Magnolia Artis Reid (1871-1939), daughter of Richard and Jonah’s sister Loumiza Artis Artis (wife of  Thomas Artis, no kin);

… and descendants of Adam, Richard, Jonah and Loumiza’s sister Zilpha Artis Wilson, wife of John Wilson, including her daughter Elizabeth Wilson Reid‘s children Milton C. Reid (1890-1961) and Iantha Reid Braswell (1893-1955) …

Nora Artis Reid (1894-1965), who was married to her cousin Milton Reid and was the daughter of Adam Artis’ son Noah Artis, and …

… even Wade Ashley Locus (1897-1945), a distant Seaberry relative of Adam’s wife Frances Seaberry Artis.

Photos taken by Lisa Y. Henderson, December 2013.


9 thoughts on “Family cemeteries, no. 7: Turner Swamp Primitive Baptist Church.

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  6. Michele Fields-Witherspoon says:

    My name is Michele Fields-Witherspoon.. Both my grandparents Amos and Lourina Barnes were members of Turner Swamp, and are buried in it’s cemetery. They are also related to the Artis, and Yelverton families..Please give me a call..973 510-6477…Would love to know more

  7. Kenneth Rupert Cooper says:

    Hi my name is Kenneth Cooper. My father was James Elijah Cooper, his mother was Suzanna Artis Cooper, daughter of Richard Artis Sr. Grandmother Suzanna died after child birth around 1911. She had my father and his brother John Hardy. Her third son, Edward died only after a few days. Grandmother was sent home to Wayne county in her last days. The two boys were sent to live with great granddaddy Richard from New York to Wayne Co. I have been to Turner Swamp Church several times as a young boy and later as I grew up. I presently live in Raleigh, NC

  8. Sarah Dickerson Johnson says:

    Hello.. My name is Sarah Dickerson Johnson. My grandparents, Ezekiel Dickerson Sr., grandmother Glennie and my Mom, Courtney Dickerson were members of Turner Swamp Primitive Baptist Church.My grandfather was a deacon. Most of my family on my father side is buried there. Buried my Mom there in
    2008. I attended that church with my family in the 50s and

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