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Horribly scalded.

The horrifying account of a farm accident that befell Doctor Simmons, oldest son of Montraville and Annie Henderson Simmons.

8 16 05 L Pharos Tribune

Logansport Daily Pharos, 16 August 1905.

Dock Simmons survived his terrible burns, but bad luck dogged him, and in 1917 he suffered another agonizing injury. Though I have not found his death certificate, evidence indicates that — despite all this — Dock lived into the 1940s.


7 thoughts on “Horribly scalded.

  1. Christopher M Turman says:

    I very much enjoyed reading your blog. I came across it searching for information about “James E. McNeely” or “J. E. McNeely” of Granite Hill, Rowen County, N.C. He must have lived circa 1820 to 1870’s. I thought I would ask if that name comes up in any of your research? I can be reached at christopherturman(at)hotmail . com Any leads would be most appreciated. Regards, Christopher

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