Agriculture, North Carolina, Paternal Kin

Crop liens & chattel mortgages.

The following abstracts are taken from agreements recorded at the Wayne County Register of Deeds office in Goldsboro, North Carolina:

Ira Henderson (1885-1946) was the son of James H. and Frances Sauls Henderson. On 11 March 1922, to secure payment of a $200 loan from B.W. Southerland Company of Duplin County, due 15 June 1922, Ira pledged: one bay mare about 8 years old known as the Parker mare; one mouse-colored mare mule about 8 years old; a one-horse Hackney wagon; one top-end spring buggy (red running gear); one set of harnesses; 9 red jersey shoats waighing about 50 pounds each; also, his entire interest in all his crops of cotton, corn, tobacco and all truck crops of every kind grown in 1922 on the lands of Nancy Winn near Mount Olive or any other land he cultivated. Signed with an X.

John J. Aldridge (1881-1964) was the son of John W. and Louvicey Artis Aldridge. On 29 January 1923, he conveyed an interest in all his crops to Seminole Phosphate Company to secure a $200.71 loan for fertilizer “used on my lands in Brogden township.” Terms required that he repay the loan with 6% interest on or before 1 October 1923.  Signed J.J. Aldridge


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