Education, Maternal Kin, Paternal Kin

Higher learning.

A running list of pioneers in education among my maternal and paternal kin.

Cain D. Sauls, Tuskegee Institute?

Henry E. Hagans, Howard University, prep.; Shaw University, BA 1890.

William S. Hagans, Howard University, prep. 1889; college division, 1893; BA, law department, 1898.

Julia B. Morton Hagans, Howard University, Normal School, 1888.

Mack D. Coley, Hampton Institute, prep. 1890; Lincoln University, BA 1895.

Joseph H. Ward, Physico-Medical College, MD 1897; Indiana Medical College, MD 1900.

Vera L. Baker Holt, Scotia Seminary; Freedmen’s Hospital Training School, 1902.

Diana A. Adams Artis, Saint Agnes Hospital Training School, circa 1913.

Golar Colvert Bradshaw, Saint Augustine’s School, prep., circa 1913.

Harriet Colvert, Saint Agnes Hospital Training School; Good Samaritan Hospital Nursing School, 1915.

J. Thomas Aldridge [Aldrich], Shaw University, prep., BS ’17; Meharry Medical College, MD ’20.

Benjamin A. Harris Sr., Tuskegee Institute ’17.

Worth A. Williams, Biddle University [Johnson C. Smith University], prep., BS ’17; Howard University Dental College, ’21.

Hugh Jennings Williams, Biddle University, prep. (died 1913).

Oscar Randall, University of Illinois, BS Civil Engineering ’20.

Marion Allen Lomans, Saint Pauls College?

Arnetta Randall, Howard University, BA ’25.

Mary Louise Colvert Renwick.

Lena P. Jeffress Allen, Hampton Institute, prep., Ed. ’28; Virginia Union University.

Charles C. Coley, Howard University, BS ’30.

J. Maxwell Allen, Virginia Theological Seminary & College, BA; Howard University Dental College, ’34.

Margaret Colvert Allen, Hampton Institute, prep. ’30; Winston-Salem Teacher’s College, ’31.

John C. Allen Jr., Hampton Institute ’30.

Erskine G. Roberts, Northeastern University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, BS, MS ’32.

Mary Roena Ward Roberts, Tuskegee Institute; University of Denver, BA ’34.

Irvin L. McCaine, Howard University, BS ’34; DDS, ’38?

William N. Hagans, Howard University; Virginia State College, BA ’35.

Frances McCampbell Hagans, Virginia State College, BA ’35.

Frances Sykes Goodman, Bennett College, BA ’35.

Leon M. Braswell Sr., Lincoln University, BS; Meharry Medical College, MD ’36.

Nita Allen Meyers Wilkerson, Hampton Institute, Nursing School, 1930s.

Leroy T. Barnes, University of Pennsylvania, BS ’39, MD ’43.

Frederick R. Randall, Howard University, BS ’42; Howard University Medical School, MD, 1940s.

Leland Newsome, Johnson C. Smith University, BA 1940s.

Azzalee Mallette Hines, Fayetteville State Teachers College, 1944.

Eugene Derricotte, University of Michigan, BS ’48.


One thought on “Higher learning.

  1. Akuabba says:

    Hi, I came across this page while seeing what information I can find about my grandfather Erskine G. Roberts. He went to school at the Massachusetts institute of Technology where he studied engineering and served as a professor at Howard and Tuskegee University. I came across your page, and can’t help but to notice you have him on your “list of pioneers in education among my kin”. Does that make us family?? I’d love to hear more from you, and more about my grandfather if you have any information to share. Please feel free to contact me via email at

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