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A running list of pioneers in education among my maternal and paternal kin.

Cain D. Sauls, Tuskegee Institute?

Henry E. Hagans, Howard University, prep.; Shaw University, BA 1890.

William S. Hagans, Howard University, prep. 1889; college division, 1893; BA, law department, 1898.

Julia B. Morton Hagans, Howard University, Normal School, 1888.

Mack D. Coley, Hampton Institute, prep. 1890; Lincoln University, BA 1895.

Joseph H. Ward, Physico-Medical College, MD 1897; Indiana Medical College, MD 1900.

Vera L. Baker Holt, Scotia Seminary; Freedmen’s Hospital Training School, 1902.

Diana A. Adams Artis, Saint Agnes Hospital Training School, circa 1913.

Golar Colvert Bradshaw, Saint Augustine’s School, prep., circa 1913.

Harriet Colvert, Saint Agnes Hospital Training School; Good Samaritan Hospital Nursing School, 1915.

J. Thomas Aldridge [Aldrich], Shaw University, prep., BS ’17; Meharry Medical College, MD ’20.

Benjamin A. Harris Sr., Tuskegee Institute ’17.

Worth A. Williams, Biddle University [Johnson C. Smith University], prep., BS ’17; Howard University Dental College, ’21.

Hugh Jennings Williams, Biddle University, prep. (died 1913).

Oscar Randall, University of Illinois, BS Civil Engineering ’20.

Marion Allen Lomans, Saint Pauls College?

Arnetta Randall, Howard University, BA ’25.

Mary Louise Colvert Renwick.

Lena P. Jeffress Allen, Hampton Institute, prep., Ed. ’28; Virginia Union University.

Charles C. Coley, Howard University, BS ’30.

J. Maxwell Allen, Virginia Theological Seminary & College, BA; Howard University Dental College, ’34.

Margaret Colvert Allen, Hampton Institute, prep. ’30; Winston-Salem Teacher’s College, ’31.

John C. Allen Jr., Hampton Institute ’30.

Erskine G. Roberts, Northeastern University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, BS, MS ’32.

Mary Roena Ward Roberts, Tuskegee Institute; University of Denver, BA ’34.

Irvin L. McCaine, Howard University, BS ’34; DDS, ’38?

William N. Hagans, Howard University; Virginia State College, BA ’35.

Frances McCampbell Hagans, Virginia State College, BA ’35.

Frances Sykes Goodman, Bennett College, BA ’35.

Leon M. Braswell Sr., Lincoln University, BS; Meharry Medical College, MD ’36.

Nita Allen Meyers Wilkerson, Hampton Institute, Nursing School, 1930s.

Leroy T. Barnes, University of Pennsylvania, BS ’39, MD ’43.

Frederick R. Randall, Howard University, BS ’42; Howard University Medical School, MD, 1940s.

Leland Newsome, Johnson C. Smith University, BA 1940s.

Azzalee Mallette Hines, Fayetteville State Teachers College, 1944.

Eugene Derricotte, University of Michigan, BS ’48.

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Lincoln University, Class of ’95.


Mack Daniel Coley was born in 1866 in northern Wayne County. He graduated from Hampton Institute’s preparatory division in 1890, then received a bachelor’s degree from Lincoln in 1895. He returned to North Carolina shortly after and, in November 1896, married fellow Hampton graduate Hattie B. Wynn, daughter of Charles W. and Frances Aldridge Winn.

M.D. Coley’s remarkable career as educator — and lawyer — was chronicled in Arthur Bunyan Caldwell’s History of the American Negro and His Institutions (1921):





[Sidenote: Mack Coley appears in the 1870 census of Wayne Coley in a household headed by Winney Coley. At age 61, she is too old to have been his mother (never mind the bad information posted on a dozen family trees on Grandmother, perhaps? If so, how do the Yelvertons mentioned above fit? Winnie Coley is not kin, but she was the mother of children by Napoleon Hagans and Adam T. Artis. Stay tuned.]