3 thoughts on “Happy birthday to my sweet mama.

  1. Slow Reader says:

    Dear Lisa Henderson —
    This photo of your mother is heart-stopping!!
    I have stumbled upon your amazing and brilliant and beautiful website — but I would like to read a little more information about you as the documentarian!
    Do you have an essay on this website that gives some information about your background and why you have chosen to curate this astonishing website?
    Thank you.
    Slow Reader in Chapel Hill

    • Why, thank you, Slow Reader. It’s one of my favorites, and she is a lovely woman, inside and out. It’s taken me a moment to respond to your comment because I’ve considering how best to answer … and still haven’t come up with much. I’ll put some thought, as an alternative, into drafting such an essay. Stay tuned! — Lisa H.
      P.S. Chapel Hill is lovely in spring, no? I spent four great years there!

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