Where we worked: hostlers.

A hostler was a groom or stableman employed to care for horses in a stable, often at an inn or hotel. 

Fletcher Reeves, Charlotte NC – husband of Angeline McConnaughey Reeves; hostler, J.W. Wadsworth and others, circa 1880-1912.

Robert Wooten, Goldsboro NC – husband of Mary J. Henderson Wooten; hostler, circa 1910.

Ned Barnes, Raleigh NC – hostler and coachman, circa 1910.

Jack Henderson, Wilson NC – hostler, J.W. Farrior Stables, circa 1910.


2 thoughts on “Where we worked: hostlers.

  1. Cherie henderson-Wilson says:

    Jack Henderson -Wilson ??? where is he in all this can i have some information on him at all

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